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Mene 24K Jewelery a Beautiful Investment that You Wear

Menē Jewelry Investment

Menē is a word found in several languages across the world. The word has been in existence for more than 4000 years now. The real definition of the word is “measure of value, normally gold.” However, the “Menē” we are going to discuss in this article is a designer gold jewelry company. The main aim of the company is to help customers invest in gold via stylish 24k gold jewelry.

Their jewelry is made from pure gold without gemstones and alloys (which incidentally reduce the value of gold jewelry). Other bullion investment companies offer up to 18k gold jewelry for investment purposes. With these companies, customers pay more for alloys because the percentage of gold in the jewelry is lower. In fact, when you buy traditional jewelry, and you calculate the price per gram for the different ranges (for example 18k is typically 75% pure gold mixed into an alloy with other metals), the price ends up being more than the average $40.00 USD per gram that bullion sells at!

This means that when you buy jewelry today, you are paying more per gram than the actual price of pure gold, but you are getting less than pure gold for that money! That is a large premium, just for something that looks nice. However, things are now changing. Menē is giving you the opportunity to wear and enjoy a fine 24k gold bullion investment.

I personally love Menē, because they are bringing an old concept from the East, over to the Western market, allowing people like myself to kill two birds with one stone, so to speak. Giving me the chance to continue my precious metals investment practices, while also adorning myself and my wife with beautiful jewelry in the process!

Menē is bringing back the real idea of what gold jewelry is supposed to be. There are new terms now in the gold market, and they are “pure” and “useful gold“. Before Menē, I used to hear and even talk about 14k, 18k and 22k jewelry as “gold“. But now, tell me about 18k gold and I will say “that is alloy, not gold“. Gold can only be gold when it is pure.

Menē Gold Jewelry is an online store making it easy to order your jewelry from anywhere in the world. They have an operating call line, an email address and live chat on their website. As we all know, communication is vital for any online business. You can be assured of the best service from Menē. Best of all, the price premium on the designs is transparent, so you know what you are paying on top of the spot price of the day.

Before buying something myself (a mans “square signet” ring), I had researched and read so many positive reviews from other customers. Their shipping is fast, and they deliver exactly what you ordered. I also came across a customer who was given a 50 dollar first-time customer voucher. Their packaging is excellent as well, I must say.


Why Buying 24k Gold Jewelry Is an Excellent Alternative Investment Compared to Buying Bullion

It is actually pure gold

All jewelry from Menē is crafted from 24k gold and platinum. So far, this is the only store selling pure gold jewelry on the market. You will notice how different the pieces are the first time you see them. Jewelry from pure 24k gold is beautiful and gives you this “timeless” feel. You can wear it day in day out. When looking for that perfect gift for your daughter or wife (or anyone, for that matter) on their special occasion, visit the Menē website and get them some earrings or a beautiful chain. It will be a perfect expression of your pure love.

Practical investment in a luxury item

You can wear your investment with peace of mind. Their jewelry is lightweight, but unencumbered by things that can lower or alter its value. This is because they have not added gemstones which increase the weight. It is a “pure gold” affair. While gold is softer than most other metals, it is a lot heavier and dense than most. So Menē doesn’t overload its creations with gemstones that will alter the value of the piece.

Sold by weight

They tell you the exact weight of their items. This makes the investment more attractive. You can decide to make the investment for your loved ones or buy gold for your own portfolio. They sell their pieces on weight and a design fee. As your love for gold grows so does your investment.

An expression of love

Love should be pure, and this was the idea from which Menē was born. Their jewelry represents pure love for style, design, and expression. There is nothing more beautiful than love expressed through pure gold jewelry. Continue showing your love to your family and friends by gifting them jewelry from Menē.

Proper sourcing

The gold used to craft Menē jewelry is sourced from the gold mines in the USA, Canada, and Nevada. They are certified by the Bullion market to carry out the business. In addition to that, they source their gold from public miners who observe environmentally safe mining procedures.


What They Could Improve

Offer silver

As already mentioned above, Menē gold jewelry offers their products in pure gold and platinum. It could be a huge plus if they started producing jewelry in pure silver as well. The silver jewelry market offers a loyal clientèle equal to that of gold aficionados. However, it’s not nearly as pricey. Although, while the price is low, they can still profit from their design fee and any small over spot premium that they add.

Personally, I understand that the desire for them to stay away from silver. It is because they post the price premiums per item sold, and it may frighten or discourage buyers to pay what could be many more times the silver spot value, just for the design. This would negate one of the selling points of Menē, the investment value. The investment value plus the premium is not as hard to take, when it is a more valuable metal such as gold or platinum.


Customer needs vary and especially when it comes to personal items like jewelry. Menē should increase their design options to meet more customer demands. The lower amount of product offerings any business has, the lower their abilities to make sales becomes. This is especially true in the jewelry industry, where manufacturers are abundant and very competitive. Simply relying on a niche of the market will severely limit profits. There needs to be a greater share of that niche market, before someone else comes along and offers more products at the same or similar value.

Bigger chains

We already said that their items are sold on weight. I have realized that their chains are very small and mostly for ladies. Some customers appreciate larger chains, and that is something missing on their shelves. While there isn’t a large faction of buyers able to afford this luxury, the customer base is certainly out there. And with the fact that larger gold chains still sell at a premium over the spot price of gold (will less actual gold), the investment and peace of mind buying a larger pure chain is a very attractive proposition to many more people than one would think.

They do offer one rather large and heavy chain currently, but it is a womens piece, and rather large. However, when you compare it to bigger mens chains that other jewelers offer, there is no comparison. For the same amount of weight (325 Grams I believe), you pay a lot more for a lot less in purity.

To give a good example: at current gold market prices (as of 11/28/2018), a “good” value for a 325 gram 18k gold Miami Cuban link is about 20,000 USD (which is about $60.00 per gram of gold that is not even pure). Whereas you can buy their pure gold chain at that weight for less than 17,000 USD.


In Closing

For a long time now, people have been led to believe that 18k gold is “real” gold. It is merely an alloy, and that is why you can only get “scrap” value for it when selling it. The people who buy it from you, need to melt it down and alter it in order to make a profit. So they will never buy it even at its actual gold content weight. This makes jewelry more of a luxury than an investment, which is unfortunate.

It is sad that people had the idea that gold jewelry is merely for show, and not an investment. Menē business came to save us from this misconception, and fill a market need the west has had for some time now. Thankfully, we can trust in their transparent business to provide us such a valuable proposition. Purchasing from them gives you the real value of your bullion investment. Check them out at for 24k Gold investment jewelry.