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Taxation is theft and all governments are parasites

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taxation is theft

Without government, who would build the roads, protect you from bad men, and ensure your “rights” to “free” health care and “education”? That’s a good question! Who would be the most logical choice to be responsible for those aspects of modern life? Who should be responsible for your ability to travel, your protection, and ensure you have good health and education? More importantly, why should anyone be responsible for these aspects of life?

Who owns you? Do you think that you do? Is your safety, your health, and your knowledge the primary concern of anyone other than yourself? Did you think that the government was this warm caretaker who wishes to protect you because it is just a big ol’ collection of well-meaning and selfless servants of the public? What exactly are your rights and responsibilities?

If you own yourself, why would it be anybody else’s responsibility to care for you but your own? There are responsibilities to having personal ownership and rights. If you can’t live up to the responsibilities, then you forfeit the right. You also forfeit that right when you allow another to take over for you.

Something like your own education and understanding of the world around you. If you are not responsible for it, then someone else will be. What is their agenda for your personal growth? What are their incentives for making you successful? If you are led to believe the slogan “You can be anything”, how will you become anything you wish by listening to people who aren’t successful? Only a fool would believe such nonsense!

Power is a Zero Sum Game

I am reminded of a typical statist argument that is sadly still often used today, to combat the idea of privacy. The argument that “if you aren’t doing anything wrong, then you have nothing to fear” from invasion of privacy. This corresponds quite well with another similar ideology that “if we take away the guns there will be less murder”. These dangerous and completely insane ideologies are wrought by the sickness of the parasite’s control over the hosts. Not only are both easily and irrefutably proven wrong, but they both defy the nature of human self-preservation and logic, to the point that anyone who believes them is too far detached from reality to ever hope to fix.

Because I have nothing to hide, I should just live in a glass house with no doors and let anyone know anything they know about everything that I am. Really? When does that stop? Can I not be trusted with my thoughts? After all, many evil people have hidden their intentions well from the public, within their private minds. How about we start scanning people’s minds to see if they are thinking ‘bad thoughts’? Oh, wait, that’s already being done

Without access to firearms, people are killed every day, most in some horrible ways. Taking away someone’s ability to defend themselves is never the answer to violence. In a world without free access to guns, the average person becomes a victim mark. Criminals don’t follow laws, and crime is always done by those with power, over those without it. So taking away the right to self-defense only hurts the weak. Women, the elderly, etc. Without a gun, they are all made impotent against a fit male attacker, even an unarmed one.

The argument against income tax is simple

When something isn’t voluntary, it is a demand. And a demand with the threat of force is robbery. Just because you put on a uniform, or get the consent of a 51% majority, that does not make something moral or righteous. Therefore, it is still robbery. There is no social contract you can opt in or out of, there is no standard that you can be held to, and anyone who argues this is a boot-licking state worshiper. What you accept, is not what everyone else must accept.


Taxation is Slavery

When there were things such as slavery, how much did the slave earn for himself? He had room and board for himself and his family, clothes, and a few coins to play with in town if he was lucky. The slave was kept under strict rules, varying by culture. However, in the West, most had to get permission from their owners to marry, travel, and sometimes even breed. How is that contrasted against the way most people live today? Sadly, by their own choice.

What percentage of his labor did the slave get back? 5% maybe 10%? How about when people were serfs, or indentured servants, what kinds of rights did they have then? How much of their labor did they have the right to? How much ‘tax’ did they pay? On average it was between 25 to 35% tax. Today between state and federal taxes we are paying over 50% of our income! At what point are we considered a slave? Especially since we are already taxed higher than that of a serf or indentured servant.

Arguments for Taxation?

There is no actual legitimate argument in favor of the taxation of wages, other than the fact that everyone seems to gleefully accept it. Some, even to the point of vehemently defending the concept of wage taxation. Sadly, these people have no clue what they are talking about, or what this country was founded upon. The rights to yourself and all of your private property. Your rights to be free from regulation by decree, independence from a collective of tyrants, and the responsibility to defend those rights.

Your right to your safety and your self-defense is not just a right, but a responsibility that maintains those rights. Your right to the fruits of your labor are eternal natural right. That is the basis of civilization, not blind obedience to our rulers and their collectivist ideologies. A good civilization need only be a cooperative and amicable one, it need not be an oppressive and authoritarian one. Sadly, tyrannical and oppressive is all any government ever ends up being.

The only arguments you will hear are cowardly pleas to government worship. Things like roads, protection, health care, schools, disaster relief, etc. The same old tired arguments that have no credibility and are full of holes.

For example:

Roads, have you been on one lately? They are horrible in most states, and when you do see work being ‘done’ on them, it is either just materials blocking traffic for 2 months and then a couple of days of lazy overpaid government goons standing around 5 to 1 as one guy works and the rest mingle. Great tax money is being spent there, remind me to send my wheel suspension and gas mileage bills to them.

But even if it was paving these wonderful and useful roads, that I ‘needed’ to use. I wouldn’t mind paying directly for them, and that’s what I would do if it were a privatized utility. Either that, or I would just buy an off-road vehicle.

How about another one?

Schools are a real darling of most people and second only to the typical go-to “roads” argument. Public schools are full of degenerate bastard children with garbage parents, leftist victimization-peddling teachers and administrators, and the mindless obedience systems that the children must endure. Nearly everyone in this mix is a brainwashed and toxic individual, harmful in some way to a developing child’s psyche. Who the hell in their right mind would want to fund that? Much less let their children go through it?

But again, even if it were grand! If school taught you how to think effectively and solve complex problems in the real world, they would still be useless to people without children, people who would home-school, people who would send their kids to private school, and people who don’t want anything to do with government programs. Why should anyone be forced to pay for something they don’t use or agree to? Where did anyone sign up for that?

The sad reality is that schools suck, and it doesn’t matter how much money is thrown at them. Throwing money at something unproductive is not a fix. Government-backed subsidies are just havens for mediocrity and laziness. There cannot be any improvement, when there is no incentive to work harder than the bare minimum. This sad axiom of life and living creature nature is the reason that both students and teachers fail in the public school system. They are only ever expected to do the bare minimum, and there is no incentive to do it anymore.

Nobody should pay for the breaking down of other humans into subservient animals for tax livestock. that is all public school succeeds in preparing you for, your servitude to your “democracy”. (This country ceased being a republic, a long time ago.)


The Police, yet another favorite argument of the typical state-programmed NPC is to assert that without government there would be no order. The complacent statist boot-licker will proclaim: “Why without the government and the police, there would be nothing to stop people from committing crimes!” Never bothering once to think that their fellow man is not just some savage animal waiting for the lack of authority to strike out at society.

No, it is inconceivable to the state-programmed coward mindset, that man is capable of living together without someone having the monopoly on force to use against everyone. Even though there are countless examples of this (Examples of Successful Anarchist Society found using a noncensorious search engine). Normalcy bias and Stockholm syndrome play a huge role in this type of blissful ignorance.

This is inevitably the manifestation of fear and cowardice that is instilled into the public by the government itself. This dangerous rhetoric then leads to more extreme ideologies that take control away from the individuals and small neighborhoods and give it to a large compartmentalized body of tiny parasites. Parasites that depend on the system, directly benefit from the system and love the system like a parental or God-like figure.

This dangerous disease of the mind ensures that we wind up in a spiral of bureaucratic hell, with innumerable regulations and statutes being implemented upon us all. This desperate drive to turn humanity into some kind of efficient mechanistic system has led us to accept people over us who can kill at will, or take away our freedom because of some arbitrary bureaucrat’s decree. And to add insult to injury, you must pay for their power over you! You don’t even have a choice of service provider, it’s a one-size-fits-all law and application!

Gone are the days of good ol’ Sheriff Andy Griffin, the man invested in his community and views it as his extended family. Now we have a militaristic jack-booted oiled killing machine squad of mindless order-following BOTS, whose only incentive is petty revenue collection from various code enforcements and fines.

This new law enforcer is there to make sure the one-size-fits-all all statutes and regulations on who can do what, where, when, and how are obeyed to the letter, or someone must pay! There is no consideration of the community, most police officers in the cities are shuffled around to neighborhoods they have no investment in. No care for said community, and often even outright disdain for it (based on a myopic view from the angle of a hammer that is constantly looking for nails).

There is no use of moral judgment based on the situation it’s always lock up or shoot first and then let the oh-so-efficient courts handle it. Which, incidentally, always ends up with pleading out and fines with imprisonment always hanging over the heads of the accused. Sadly, even BEFORE being proven guilty, bail has become a racket in itself as well, in this corrupt system.

So, no thank you, sir! I do not want to be forced, by bullies, to pay for the bullies to have better weapons with which to indefinitely rob me into the future.


The Parasite Needs The Host

To survive a parasite needs the host to believe that everything is okay. Better yet, if the parasite can get the host to believe that the parasite is needed; then it could enjoy feeding for as long as the host is alive! Heck, the host may even start serving the parasite like a hero – by giving them the gift of an “enhanced” life. This is much of what we have today. For the gracious gift of a 12+ year indoctrination into government worship, religion, and human-hating – you condone and defend your oppressor.

This trick of the parasite, aided by mass media and big business interests, is to ensure that you never realize that you are the one with the real power. Your communities that were once extensions of your own family, your tribe, have all but been replaced by cold faceless masses of nobodies. Your family structure has been eroded, and your sense of community has been replaced with false idols and fantasies. All of this is done with the hopes of keeping you asleep – so the parasite can feed without interruption.

The delicate nature of this sickening parasitic system is even more insulting when you realize just how fragile and useless it truly is. Just one week of people opting out could destroy it completely! But, alas, nobody has the collective strength and determination to do so – as of yet.


Taxation is Theft

And the parasites are glad to take your money – to fund their own lives. Without them, you would thrive, but without you, they would die. You must be kept on the mental plantation, thinking that your overlord is all-powerful and has the divine right to rule over you. No matter how you wish to believe that this institution is above you, it does not alter the reality of what it is.

You are forced to give up a portion of your hard-earned earnings, and doing it willingly does not change the fact that it was rightfully yours. Because – you created it! Nothing can or ever will change the fact that you created that wealth with the labor of your physical body and mind.

Forcing you to give up this money at the threat of violence and incarceration is no different, just because the presenter has a smile on their face or a fancy uniform. The result is the same; you are left with less than you rightfully earned.

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In Closing

Will society ever reach the point where we all realize and opt out? I believe it is coming – and that cryptocurrency is a small part of that awakening. To take the lifeblood away from the parasites is a dangerous thing – and that’s what makes the technology so useful as a starting point. However, it is not the whole answer, nor should it be depended upon in total.

For a mass awakening, everyone must constantly learn. Learning history, the details behind current affairs, how government works, how the monetary system works, and how the human mind works. Without these things, we are doomed to repeat the same mistakes over and over. Thinking that “America’s Next Top Tyrant” will be any different, or that government is the answer – is just insanity.

The worship of the state ranges from simple ignorance to cowardice, all the way up to outright dependency. Over the past few thousand years, the parasites have perfected their grip on mankind, making us think they are needed for our own lives. When in fact, these parasites are only interested in their self-preservation. The only way to break free from their grasp is to stop funding them! That’s why we need more cryptocurrency, more agorism, more collaboration, and more community investment in learning about independence!

Anarchism is not a dirty word associated with chaos; it is merely the absence of archons or rulers over us! Don’t let the fear-mongering state boot-lickers turn you off to the idea of a free world, and don’t let the communists trick you into thinking they have anything to do with real anarchism because they don’t! Communism needs a government body to work; we are closer to communism than we ever were before as a nation. Let’s work to reverse that!